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5th International HR Conference Barcelona

5th International HR Conference Barcelona
Fecha: 05 de octubre de 2018
Beginn: 08:00 Uhr
Fin: 16:30
Lugar: Auditorio Torre Telefónica, Diagonal 00, Plaça d'Ernest Lluch i Martin 5

Dear Friends & Partners,

It is a special pleasure to invite you to our 5th International HR Conference Barcelona on October the 5th, 2018. This year our special guest is Sophia, the first humanoid robot from Hanson Robotics, Hong Kong. I am honoured to interview Sophia for the first time in Barcelona at an HR Conference. She will tell us her point of view about how robots and humans will work together. This is really exciting! The conference will be completely focussed on top trendy topics about AI, exponential technological growth, New ways of working like agile by Vistaprint, sustainable energy by Tesla, High performance teams in Google Silicon Valley, the future of human potential by Telefonica, the new power of European Start-ups by Silcion Castles and two astonishing start-upper from Berlin and Norway as well as Pangea presenting a pannel of Digital Natives between 18 and 25 years to share their vision about the future of work.

Register by early bird until July 31st, space is limited: www.hrconferencebarcelona.com
See you and you are invited to share your lunch with Sophia!

Sylvia Taudien & Team Advantage Consultores